Sunburnt skin

He didn’t know whether he should feel proud that he ran for so long that he got sunburnt, or embarrassed because it took him so long to run the distance that he got sunburnt. Either way, it didn’t matter. He had run further than ever before. Now his skin was peeling off, revealing a new … Continue reading Sunburnt skin


The hammerer

His hammer was his favourite tool. It was also his only tool. Once he needed to screw a screw, but he hammered. To get a screwdriver he would have to go to the shop but he didn’t feel like doing that. His hammer hammered well, he was a good hammerer and if something was not … Continue reading The hammerer


Und dabei wollte er doch bloß Ski fahren. Ein unerklommener Berg, und er, der tollkühne Eroberer, wollte als erster diesen hinabfahren. Er machte sich auf den Weg, stapfte hoch durch den Tiefschnee, quälte sich Schritt für Schritt. Schritt für Schritt kam er dem Gipfel näher, aber der Anstieg war schwer und mühselig und als es … Continue reading Skifahren