Noise cancellation

“Why, of course you’d be able to open the door”, she says, “after all, you’re young and healthy.” “Yes”, the old lady says, “it’s just that I’m not very strong.” “That wouldn’t be a problem. But as I said, it won’t be necessary anyway. It’s only for the most extreme emergencies and even then we’d … Continue reading Noise cancellation


Seven tiny cacti

“Honey, can you come over here?” He puts the drill back in the shelf and walks along the aisle of the store. She is holding a piece of wood, approximately half a meter long and quite thick. “This one is too short”, she says. “Why don’t you buy a longer one then?” “There isn’t a … Continue reading Seven tiny cacti

The bookshelf

For the past few years he had bought, read, and collected books. The genre was irrelevant, anything that seemed interesting was paid for, consumed, and placed carefully on the bookshelf. He spent a lot of time sorting his bookshelf. The order, alphabetical, was clear, but by now he had acquired so many books that he … Continue reading The bookshelf

The kick

The setting is a large park in a large city. It is Sunday evening and the sun, although shining, is starting to descend. There are families turning sausages on the barbecue; there are friends in circles, singing songs and dancing; there are small children chasing each other; there are youngsters chasing various kinds of balls; … Continue reading The kick