The little horse

Once upon a time there was a little horse who was supposed to become a great show horse. Its trainers trained it day in day out, even though the little horse did not enjoy the training one bit. The little horse much preferred to lay lazily and chew on some hay. When not training, the … Continue reading The little horse


A perfect romance

A train came into the station. His was another; he continued reading. After the train stopped, he looked up into the train. She looked at him too and for a moment they shared the recognition that they were perfect for each other. The train began moving. He walked, accelerated, ran as fast as possible. She … Continue reading A perfect romance

An open letter

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you very much for your invitation to your merry gettogether. It sounds like quite the event, certainly with more guests than I ever had at any of my more modest meetings. Unfortunately I will have to decline your request because I already have other engagements that day, and I like to think … Continue reading An open letter

Hollow head

She had never been the kind of person to lose her keys until one day she found herself locked out. It happened again a few weeks later, then with increasing frequency. Her son forced her to go to the doctor. While the doctor explained the diagnosis and medical trajectory, she looked at her son staring … Continue reading Hollow head

Phantom lullaby

Warm and tender his hand wanders along her arm. Autumnal humidity hovers in the bedroom, his warmth welcome nonetheless. He wraps around her, envelops her, their bodies glowing in tranquillity. When she wakes up he isn’t there and he never will be there and she knows she is hiding in the comfort of what could … Continue reading Phantom lullaby